How You Can Maximize Your Traditional Real Estate Website

realtorsAdmittedly, much of today’s world is about competition in all terms, be it in business, love, school and others. But because we have reached the age of technological advancements especially in information technology, the competition has expanded its coverage to include the internet.

Businesses, especially those in real estate, and owners are forced to learn the ins and outs of the internet to be at par with their competition. Thus, it is imperative now to have a business website that is complete and marketable.


What Are The Benefits Of Having A Website?

The benefits are numerous. In fact, it has been known that 97 percent of businesses that cover the internet have a wider and higher customer reach. Why is that? Here are the reasons.

–        Everybody is on the internet. It is that simple. You can hardly name a person today who does not have a social media account, let alone an email address.

–        Internet is information. Everything can be practically found on the world wide web. From history, science, technology, languages, human body, and other fields, you will ever need answers to can be looked up online.

–        It is convenient. With online businesses and selling becoming a very popular trend today, who would want to travel far just to shop? If a prospective client looks up for your business’ category online, then you would have already sold your product or service without the effort.

–        It saves time and money. You do not have a physical store and manpower? The website can do all of that for you. You can load it up with information and details about your business and your customer will get everything he needs.

However, you just cannot have any ordinary and traditional website. You need to make it conform to the standards and rules of search engines like Google so that it will be crawled and categorized. With today’s newer digital devices like iPads, tabs, and smartphones, you need to make sure that your website is responsive, which means it can be displayed on both small (mobile phones and tabs) and large screens (laptops).

Now, if you have an existing real estate website and do not want to bring it down and make a new one, there are ways to make your existing one more responsive and attractive to clients.

  1. Be detailed. Remember that your website represents your real estate business. Therefore, it has to speak for itself. Put the area where your business covers, the city, street, or district. It is important to also put the zip code, phone number, and area code.
  2. Arrange your landing page. The landing page is the first thing that customers see when they click your URL. Take note that, according to Google, people scan the landing page either in a triangular motion (upper left to right then down) or in an F motion. Put the most important information on the first spots they tend to look at to make sure you catch their interest. Also, there has to be a picture on the landing page but not too much of it to avoid bombarding your customer.
  3. Use bullets and headlines. Remember the F pattern? People would want to read items that are in bullet form because they are not too heavy on the eyes. So they always start reading from the left to right, then down to the next line. With this, make your statements brief and concise and avoid being too wordy.
  4. Make sure links are not broken. There is no point in putting links that cannot be accessed. By using, you will be able to check which are broken and how you can fix them.

Making a new website can be expensive and requires a lot of effort. So, save money and time by fixing your website. Start configuring it to becoming the most responsive and competitive website on real estate. For more information for running a successful business, please visit